West Hollywood's Dedicated Engagement Hub

Engage WeHo is a digital platform designed to foster meaningful and accessible participation in projects, discussions, and policies in the City of West Hollywood. Our goal is to make local government participation easy and impactful.


Offering intuitive, easy-to-use engagement tools, the platform aims to simplify the process of collecting input and feedback from community members. This new engagement hub ensures a broader array of perspectives, so that all voices are heard.


By injecting an element of ‘modernization’ into community engagement efforts, we hope to cultivate larger audience reach through fresh and innovative communication. Our hope is that the Engage WeHo hub will lead to an exciting future where productive input and participation leads to an even better West Hollywood.


By utilizing dynamic, user-friendly tools and visuals, we hope to communicate projects, discussions, and policies in a way that resonates with the entire community. This, in turn, will foster constructive collaborations, shared decision-making, and a feeling of collective responsibility within the City of West Hollywood. Long-term, the entire community engagement process can evolve into a more meaningful and organized experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Engage WeHo is the newly developed digital platform designed to foster meaningful and accessible community participation in City projects, discussions, and policies.

On Engage WeHo, you’ll be able to take surveys, learn about project milestones, and provide input on the future of West Hollywood!

In its pilot launch phase, Engage WeHo will feature projects and initiatives that relate to Long Range Planning, Housing Policy, Mobility Planning, and the West Hollywood Strategic Plan. In early 2024, the City will build upon this with additional projects and initiatives of community interest.

Thanks so much for your interest! We recommend you take a look at current projects to get started.

No account is required to view information posted on Engage WeHo. To complete a survey, provide feedback, or engage with project tools, account registration is required.

No. Public meetings are still an important part of the public engagement process. One of the City of West Hollywood’s core values is Responsiveness to the Public, and the City maintains a deep commitment to community engagement.

The City is continuously working to create new and innovative ways for West Hollywood’s community members to learn about City initiatives and provide feedback, and Engage WeHo is an exciting new tool to make participating and providing input even easier.

City staff receive all input collected through Engage WeHo.

Please see the City of West Hollywood’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for information about how your personal data is stored and protected.

Sign up for e-notifications to stay informed by visiting weho.org/news and by following the City on social media @wehocity.