The City of West Hollywood is proposing a Zone Text Amendment (ZTA) to define and regulate studio and micro-units to further address the needs of diverse segments of the community. The ordinance encourages and promotes additional housing types with regulation to allow for more affordable housing and support furthering fair housing for all. The ordinance does not propose any new development.

A micro-unit is defined as a dwelling unit containing no more than 400 square feet, including a kitchen, closet, and separate private bathroom.

A studio unit is defined as a dwelling unit that is a minimum of 400 square feet that combines kitchen, living, and sleeping rooms into one room with bathroom facilities in a separate room.

The newly defined studio and micro-units will be permitted in multi-family residential zones or where multi-family residences are allowed. The ordinance addresses requirements for kitchen and dining facilities, bathrooms, storage space, management and security, and parking.

Note: Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units are defined separately in Section 19.36.310 of the West Hollywood Municipal Code and are not subject to studio and micro-unit regulations.

Review the draft Studio and Micro-Unit ZTA and associated documents in the Document Library.


In June 2021, City Council directed staff to initiate a ZTA to clarify and define various housing types in the Municipal Code, specifically for congregate care facilities, co-living/shared housing, and micro-units, and to establish appropriate development and design standards for these housing types.

After exploring the various housing types and presentations to the Long Range Planning Projects Subcommittee, staff has created a distinct ZTA for studio and micro-units and will address congregate care and co-living/shared housing in a separate, subsequent ZTA.

This ZTA for studio and micro-unit definitions and regulations will be presented to the Planning Commission in Spring 2024.

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