The City of West Hollywood is exploring amending the Zoning Ordinance to permit expanded hotel rooftop activities on a case-by-case basis, with additional regulations to mitigate potential impacts. The proposed amendments would allow additional height of up to fifteen feet for occupiable areas on hotel rooftops that are above the height limit for the zone through a public hearing process. With an additional allowance for height, hotels may accommodate acessory uses and structures such as restrooms, dining areas, and recreational facilities on larger portions of their rooftops.

The proposed amendments will require conditions and measures to reduce noise from hotel rooftop accessory uses and structures. Some examples of conditions and measures include noise walls, setbacks from neighboring buildings, and retractable roofs.

Review the draft Zone Text Amendment and associated documents in the Document Library.


In August 2020, the City Council (Council) directed staff to evaluate different initiatives that would provide additional economic benefits to West Hollywood hotels impacted by the economic crisis in the hospitality industry that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and travel restrictions.

In August 2022, Council directed staff to explore the idea of allowing additional height through a formal review process that could accommodate an expansion of hotel rooftop amenities and present it to the Planning Commission's Long Range Planning (LRP) Subcommittee. The LRP Subcommittee would then dertermine whether a Zone Text Amendment (ZTA) should be proposed for review by the Planning Commission, and subsequently considered for adoption by Council.

In February 2023, the LRP Subcommittee reviewed the proposal and provided staff with feedback, including a request to identify potential noise impacts and mitigation measures, and recommendations for a ZTA for the Planning Commission's consideration.

Potential Noise Mitigation for Hotel Rooftop Amenities

The LRP Subcommittee recommended evaluating potential noise mitigation measures that may inform the Planning Commission's consideration of this proposal. The City hired a noise consultant to provide an analysis with recommendations for possible mitigation measures. Findings and recommendations from the study are summarized in the "Potential Noise Impacts and Mitigation Measures" document in the Document Library for review.

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